Tuesday, April 26, 2011

draw me a song -- * updates *

Hi all :)

This is weird. I'm not usually a talkative person and I don't like "writing" posts. But I've been absent far too long and I figured I should update the wonderful people who have been following my work for a while and commenting/emailing/ facebooking/tweeting me nice things about it, and just let them know that "Draw me a song" is not dead! Quite the contrary.
I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, things have been going a bit crazy and I am still trying to get used to things!

Where to begin. Most of you don't know this, but Draw me a song was initially my final year project in my Masters degree in Paris (IESA Multimédia). Well no, first it was something I did for fun in my free time, and then I started posting my illustrations on Deviant Art. And then I opened this blog...
And then I turned the idea into my graduation project, where I had to build a business plan, a communication & marketing plan, a website, basically all the elements required to turn it into a real brand and business. Up until I presented it, last December, I still hadn't planned to turn it into anything real in the future. I thought to myself, I'll just get the grade and move on with my life, and become a designer in a Parisian agency, just like I had planned. And this will just be my personal project. Being shy and not super-confident, I was never one to take big decisions or initiatives, I always liked to play it safe.

Draw me a song flyers

Because I wanted to excel in my Masters, I worked hard to make my project as perfect and real as possible. So I contacted the big music publishers who basically own the rights to most of the English-language song lyrics, to include licensing fees in my business plan (rights to use and sell the song lyrics in print form). I was so pleased to see that the project was interesting them, and that they were really eager to help me clear the songs I was requesting licenses for.

Screenshot of upcoming e-shop website

My teachers encouraged me to carry on with the project, and that it would be a hit. The jury at my Masters presentation asked me where and when they can buy the posters, and people I don't know were starting to email me asking the same thing. Out of curiosity, I googled myself (yeah, you do it too!) and my project, and saw that so many blogs and websites all around the world were writing about it. I thought, if it's getting so much attention, then it must be worth working on... right?

Promotional video for Draw me a song™ on Vimeo.

Right before I graduated, I heard about a competition happening in Beirut called the "Deutsche Bank Creative Award" (organized by Bader), an award granted to a entrepreneur's project in the creative field (2 prizes of 10 000 euros each), which happens every year in the UK and happened for the first time in Beirut this year. I entered Draw me a song, and was one of the 2 winners (thanks again for those who voted for me!). And then, I was on TV. 3 times in 2 weeks (will post videos online soon). And it was live and it was scary. I had to overcome my shyness and build up some confidence, because people were starting to put so much pressure and responsibility on me. People are investing and trusting me to do this. Now, it definitely has to happen. It is happening.
Draw me a song - business cards

And so, this is the little story of how I accidentally became a small entrepreneur. Apart from Draw me a song, I am swamped with freelance work (right now, a children's book!), so the quiet and boring safe job will have to wait a little. Instead, life is now a weird mix of intense fear and excitement.

Draw me a song is now officially a copyrighted brand :) Currently, I am in the middle of the whole legal process of clearing all the songs I have done already + new ones I would like to do (a few probably won't get cleared, because some song-writers choose not to have any kind of merchandise with their lyrics on them). And I am hoping that I can launch the official website in a few months and start selling the posters worldwide. Lots of hard work, but hopefully worth it!

Also, when the website is up, you will be able to request songs you want!
A Facebook page is already up, as well as a Twitter account. Join and share :)

Thank you all again for your amazing support. You rock.



  1. Hi Nour Congratulations dear, your story is very inspiring, i am glad that you found the courage to continue your journey, you are talented and you can make a difference.
    i am so so happy that you shared the story because i was waiting for the follow up.
    GOod luck for the rest .

  2. Wow, I didn't know about this. Oh, by the way, I am Meutia, from Shadowness, and I love your work, how you presented the songs into a drawing, that's adorable. Congratulation and keep it up ^^

  3. Hi i'm from Brazil , and i really love your blog. I hope you post more Beatles songs, and love them and they have a lot of good musics to be used. Thanks and congrats.

  4. You are such a talented person! You go girl!

    I'm from Brazil and I'm really interested in buying your posters! :)

  5. Oh, gosh u'r amazing.

    May i suggest my favorite song? My interpretation by MIKA?
    I guess it would look super cute

  6. Hi! I´ve found your blog by the other blog and I really loved it!
    I´m following you! =)

  7. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments!! :) As for your suggestions, I am keeping them all in mind for my future illustrations :D

  8. Congrats!!!! Your art work is very inspiring, specially for the ones who love music, like me. I can't wait for the official website, I'm dying to buy some of your pieces, like Rehab, Poker Face and Satisfaction. I wanna put them on my new apartment's décor.