Tuesday, February 15, 2011

*VOTE for Draw me a song™!*

Hey guys!

Please VOTE for Draw me a song™ to win the Public's Choice Award in the Deutsche Bank Creative Awards (a 10 000 euros prize to fund the project)! Click HERE and simply select "Draw me a song" (2nd choice) for your vote. And spread the word! :)

Also, join the Facebook and Twitter pages of Draw me a song™ for support!

Thank you so much for your time :)


  1. I Saw your project it is great, well done and i also voted for you, hope you will win, you deserve it.

  2. I love this! you're such a talented young lady. :) Just voted for you. All the best Nour!

  3. i've just discovered your work. They are amazing! And congratulations on the award..

  4. Hi Nour just wanted to know what happened with the results ???
    and also waiting for new blog posts :)

  5. Hi Maria! I WON!!! :D
    Sorry I haven't been updating the blog more, I've been so busy, but I promise there's so much more to come :)

    Thank you Maria and each and every one of you who voted, and for your wonderful messages, I'm so grateful to all of you. I will post something soon about the award!

    Don't forget to follow on Facebook and Twitter, and to share :)

  6. Waw Nour i am so so happy for you, that is a good news early or may i say late morning but it is still morning for me. Congratulations you deserve it. and keep us the good work.